The Force Awakens is the 7th installment in the Star Wars saga, and the beginning of a new sequel trilogy. With actors from the original trilogy reprising their iconic roles and new actors making their debut on the big screen, the renowned space opera is guaranteed to make the old fans feel nostalgic while keeping it fresh for a new generation of audiences.

The Star Wars films were known for mirroring the events of the past in its movie timeline. In the case of The Force Awakens, this element of the franchise was incorporated well. Starting from a droid carrying pivotal information for the heroes, to the destruction of a planet-like evil lair – the premise of The Force Awakens felt familiar and yet also original.

The Force Awakens began its awakening by introducing the new tyrants in the galaxy – The First Order. Led by Kylo Ren, the First Order seeks to finish what the Empire had started by locating the missing Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. This is where everyone’s new favorite droid, BB-8, comes into the picture. Carrying a piece of a map that leads to Skywalker, BB-8 flees from the attack of the First Oder and bumps into Rey, a scavenger from the planet Jakku. Rey then helps BB-8 to get back to the Resistance as they came together with Finn, a renegade Stormtrooper, and the legendary Han Solo.

Old and new characters fit together perfectly on screen, establishing the film’s connection with the original trilogy and at the same time building its own story. Unveiling Kylo Ren’s real identity and withholding the origin story of Rey balanced the film’s revealing and teasing element, leaving casual moviegoers and hardcore fans satisfied even though there are still a lot of questions to be answered in the following episodes of Star Wars.

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