Avatar is an American science fiction movie that was released in 2009.  The film was set 2154 and I’m like how can someone from the 21st century think of this kind of ideas. The ideas behind Avatar is very futuristic and, as of now, impossible.

The film focuses on a tribe called the Na’vi which inhabits the planet of Pandora. Our species, which is the human beings, need the unobtanium to give resources back to our planet earth. So, the humans decided to create a genetically formed Na’vi which can be controlled by humans. All I can say is that science in this era has really gone far. For humans to gather an energy source outside our planet, for us to create a genetically designed alien, and for us to find an actual alien with the resources that we need is really impossible as of the moment.

It got me thinking, is something this impossible be possible in the near future? How can someone in contemporary times think this far ahead and futuristic? Is there really basis that we human can do this? My answer will be like everyone else’s, it’s a big “I DON’T KNOW”. Clearly, we do not know if this is really possible. All I can say is that for humans or the director or writers to create something like this, they must have a basis. I believe that science in this film tried to tell us that there is nothing impossible with the continuous advancement of technology. We can go to a planet that we desire and survive in it or we can create a genetically modified alien just like in the movie Avatar, nothing is impossible in this changing world.

With the advancement of today’s technology, I just hope that one day I will still be alive to see these kind of advancements.

Written by Jhon Estorninos for: