Caves are one of the most amazing masterpieces of nature. Who does not love to go to caves and witness beautiful rock formations formed by Mother Nature herself? Here are five amazing newly discovered caves waiting to fascinate you right before your very eyes:

  1. Son Doong Cave- Vietnam

14368703_10209429473605434_4436878959510210431_n.jpgSon Doong Cave in Vietnam was only discovered six years ago, and is named to be the largest cave in the world. Boasting a length of over 5.5 miles with a jungle and river inside, and a 40-story building could fit within its vicinity.

The Vietnam government is now allowing tourists to visit and explore the caves, but to be able to do so; you need to spend thousands of dollars. Are you willing to do so to see and witness the magnificence of this another planet-like cave?

  1. Movile Cave- Romania

Famous for its unique groundwater ecosystem, this cave has been one of the jewels of scientists wanting to discover more about earth. The cave is rich in hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide, but surprisingly lacks oxygen. The cave has not been explored for 5.5 million years, and was later discovered that the cave solely based on chemosynthesis, rather the photosynthesis.

If you’re a species-lover, then you just might want to explore this cave, for forty-eight species have been discovered by scientists, including different types of spiders, scorpions, and insects.

  1. Lechuguilla Cave- New Mexico, USA

The seventh longest explored cave in the world was discovered last June 2013 by geologists in the deepest of the United States. This is the Lechuguilla Cave, which is best known for the unusual rock formations and pristine condition, its name deriving from a plant found near the entrance called Agave lechuguilla.

Only scientists, geologists, researchers, exploration teams and park related trips are allowed to explore the cave, much to our dismay.

  1. Coen Pit Cave- Missouri, USA

What’s amazing about this cave discovered just last May 2016 is that it was discovered by a fifth grade kid picking up honeysuckles and does not want to trip.

The cave itself has not been explored that much yet, but 60 feet was explored and scientists have already found different species of bats including tri-colored bats, salamanders, frogs, etc.

The cave was also named after the kid.


  1. Bruniquel Cave- France

 14317337_10209429473925442_6066193133252300909_n.jpgDiscovered by a 15-year-old named Bruno Kowalsczewski, is a cave that sis in Aveyron Valley. The cave was said to be sealed by an ancient rock, but due to curiosity, is the discovery of the cave.

Famous for the formations inside made by Neanderthals (estimated 47600 years old); including bones of human beings and bears. They were also able to shape subterranean rock to breath-taking constructions.

Scientists have only figured that these formations were made due to the religion of the Neanderthals.

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